Plan your project
Plan your HOFT project
  • Measure all sides of the area where you will be installing your HOFT privacy screens.
  • Determine where each post will go, remembering that a maximum of 6 feet is recommended between posts.
  • HOFT offers 44’’ and 6' high posts to allow privacy and comfort right where you need it.
Choose your HOFT post kits

2 A6  -  2 x C6  -  2 x A4  -  2 x B4  -  2 x Rail Fillers

2 x A6  -  1 x B6  -  2 x C6

3 x A6  -  2 x B6  -  1 x C6  - 1 x A4  - 2 x C4  -  1 x Rail Filler

Choose your boards

5/4’’ x 6’’ Red Cedar deck boards stained paprika

1’’ x 6’’ Composite deck boards grey

5/4’’ x 6’’ Treated wood deck boards stained espresso

Mix & match widths for a unique look

Ask your home improvement expert what kind of finish your wood needs.

Anchor your HOFT posts
  • WOOD / COMPOSITE : To anchor on a wood or composite surface, use 3/8’’ wood anchors (not included).
  • CONCRETE SLAB : To anchor on a concrete slab, use 3/8’’ concrete anchors (not included).
  • IN GROUND : To anchor in ground : Dig a hole a minimum of 3 ft. deep x 9 in. diameter, pour concrete and wait for it to dry for 48 hours. Then fasten your posts with 3/8'' concrete anchors (not included) on the concrete base.

Anchor posts 1’’1/4 closer than the length of your chosen planks, so that boards insert into the rail.

Install your boards
  • Determine the height and level of your first board by sliding a railblock in each rail and tighten at the desired height. If your surface has different levels or is sloped, simply readjust railblocks accordingly.
  • Insert a spacer in each rail between each board. HOFT’s innovative spacers act as nails to strenghten assembly and give you the perfect and constant distance between boards. No measuring, no hassles.
  • Slide section brackets on top board and insert both screws to solidify assembly. Then complete the look with the cap.
Complete your outdoor space with HOFT accessories and enjoy!